Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Themed Activities

Halloween Oobleck: Easton really liked this activity! I mixed 1/2 Cup Water with 1 Cup of Cornstarch (1:2 ratio). Once the water and cornstarch were mixed together, I poured the mixture onto a cookie sheet. Water and cornstarch is an interesting combination. If it's played with or rolled into a ball, it becomes a solid and if it sits, it oozes into a liquid. I dumped a few plastic Halloween objects I bought from the Dollar Store into the mixture and let Easton go to town. After playing for a while, I brought out a small bin and filled it with water. Easton liked watching the cornstarch dissolve in the water and learning if the Halloween objects sink or float. Lots of great science in this activity! Click here to see the inspiration for this idea. 

Decorate a Haunted House: I bought a "haunted house kit" from a local grocery store. We frosted and decorated our haunted house (first picture). I also really liked the idea of making a foam haunted house (second picture below).


Halloween Shape Match: I printed the shape cards below and cut them in half. I hid the trick-or-treat bags with shape cards in our living room and laid the matching half (costume cards) on our art table. Easton looked around the room and when he found a shape card, he went over to the art table and found its match. Then, he would name the shape. Click here to download and print.

Halloween Magnets: I found our Halloween Magnets at the Dollar Store. Our fridge isn't magnetic, so we use a cookie sheet.

Halloween Window Clings: I also found these Halloween Window Clings at the Dollar Store. They are re-usable window stickers. Easton was excited to help me decorate for Halloween with these.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween: Ghosts

Book: "We're going on a Ghost Hunt." This book is really similar to "We're going on a bear hunt" - which is one of Easton's favorite books. I like the bear hunt book better, but Easton seemed to really like this one as well. We read it over and over today and even reenacted the story at home (see activity below). Click here to purchase this book online.

Ghost Hunt: After reading the book above, we reenacted the story at home. I bought a little blow up ghost at the Dollar Store and hid it in our living room. I also set up a mini obstacle course as things for Easton to go through to find the ghost. For instance, I set up hula hoops and when Easton jumped through them I said, "Oh, no. Hula Hoops. Round, circular hula hoops. You can't go under them, you can go over them, you have to go through them!" I said something similar with a pan full of spiders, a table, tunnel, and slide. I just used things we already had at home. Easton LOVED our ghost hunt and we spent a lot of time finding ghosts today. 



Handprint Ghost: Easton wasn't up for me painting his foot white, so we did his hands (minus his thumb) instead. I used white tempera paint and had him stamp his hand on black card stock. When the paint dried, we glued on goggly eyes. Click here to view a footprint ghost.

Salt Ghost: I got a piece of black card stock paper and drew a ghost with two eyes and a mouth. Then, I mixed water and glue together to make a watery glue paste. I dipped my paintbrush in the paste and painted my ghost (except for the eyes and mouth.) I had Easton pour salt all over the ghost and shook the remaining salt from our paper into a garbage can. A salt ghost was left for us to see! I found a similar idea on this blog.

Ghost File Folder: One of my neighbors gave me this ghost file folder below (see first picture). It's a color matching game - match the color of the ghost to the same color of window in the haunted house. I'm not sure where my neighbor got the file folder, but I thought it would be cute to make a similar file folder out of these ghosts (see second picture below).


 Chocolate Chip Ghost Story: Easton loves this story and I do, too! It's a story about five little ghosts who are only able to eat milk and ice cream. One day their mother leaves to the grocery store and reminds them not to eat anything other than milk and ice cream or else they would get sick. Of course, the little ghosts get hungry and turn the color of the thing they ate! Their mom comes home and calls the doctor. The little ghosts have to stay in bed for five days and only eat milk and ice cream to feel better. This is a good story about listening to parents and I love the visuals! Click here to print the story and visuals.

Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam

Easton's favorite song is "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam". He loves to sit on our laps while we sing and throw him up in the air on the word "sunbeam". Even though we sing this song often, I realized he probably didn't know what a "sunbeam" meant, so that's what this lesson is based on.

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Song: "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam" (Primary Children's Songbook pg. 60) Click here to sing along.

Picture: I showed Easton a literal picture of a sunbeam (google "Sun Beam" to find a picture you like) and we talked about how warm and happy the sun makes us. We talked about how we love to play outside when the sun is shining. Next, I told Easton how Jesus wants us to be like the sun or a sunbeam. This means Jesus wants us to be good examples and make other people feel warm and happy. Let's talk about how we can be sunbeams (see activity below).

Sunbeam Activity: I cut out one circle and ten strips from yellow construction paper. I wrote Easton's name in the middle of the yellow circle (representing the sun) and wrote different ways we can be sunbeams on the yellow strips. I hid the strips around the room. We started by gluing the circle (sun) onto a piece of paper and then Easton looked around the room for the yellow strips (beams). When he found one, I read what it said and we talked about it while glueing the beam onto our sun. Below is a list of what I wrote on our beams as well as a very unprofessional picture of our finished project. ;) On Easton's request, we poked a couple of holes (a few too many!) and strung a piece of yarn through to make a necklace. I like leaving little projects like this on the fridge or somewhere where Easton will see it during the week as a reminder of our lesson.

  • Share with friends
  • Say prayers
  • Use a kind voice
  • Give loves (hugs) to grandparents
  • Keep hands to self
  • Give loves and kissed to mom, dad, and Connor
  • Listen to mom and dad
  • Go to church/nursery
  • Be nice to family and friends
  • Remember Jesus


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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

My Family Can Be Together Forever

This lesson is based on the current nursery manual, Behold Your Little Ones. Click the link to view the original lesson "My Family Can Be Together Forever" from You can do this lesson all in one night or slit into two separate lessons. For example..the first week you could do the temple picture, video and necklace. The following week, you could show the picture of your wedding photo and visit the temple.

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Song: "I Love to see the Temple" (Primary Children's Songbook pg. 95) Click here to sing along. We used the actions from the manual while we sang this song:

I love to see the temple (put fingertips together to form a spire)
I'm going there someday (walk in place)
To feel the Holy Spirit (put hand over heart)
To listen and to pray (fold arms)

Picture: I showed Easton the picture of the temple from the manual and we talked about how the temple is a house of the Lord. "Show a picture of a temple in your area. Tell the children that this is a picture of a temple. Describe the picture for them, pointing out the spire, windows, doors, and so on. Ask them to repeat the word "temple" a few times. Have them pretend to be a beautiful temple by putting their hands together above their heads to make a temple spire."

Temple Video: I told Easton that there were a lot of different temples. We watched a short video on Youtube - it's a slideshow of temples around the world with the song "I love to see the Temple" playing in the background. Click here to watch the video. 

Picture: Next, I brought out one of my wedding photos at the temple. I told Easton that mom and dad were married in the Salt Lake Temple. Because we were married in the temple, it meant that we can be together forever as a family. What a huge blessing!

Coloring Activity/Necklace: I printed the picture below from the manual (we used the top two circles for this activity). Easton colored the circles and I cut them out. I punched a hole in the top and threaded yarn through the hole to make a necklace. Easton wore the necklace for a big chunk of the day! While coloring, we reinforced the principle that families can be together forever. Click here to print the necklaces. 

Temple Visit: After we made our necklaces, we packed a lunch and went to the Draper Temple. We talked about how beautiful the temple is and how grateful mom and dad are to be married in the temple, so our family can be together forever. Easton really liked Angel Moroni and was excited to be see a temple up close. We sang "I Love to see the Temple" and enjoyed our lunch on the temple grounds.


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Prayer (3): "I Can Pray With my Family"

This lesson is based on the nursery manual "Behold Your Little Ones". Click the link to view the original lesson, "I can Pray with My Family" from

For other Family Home Evening lessons, search our Family Home Evening Index.


Scripture: 3 Nephi 18:21 "Pray in your families unto the Father, always in my name, that your wives and your children may be blessed." After reading this scripture, I explained that Heavenly Father wants us to pray as a family. We grow closer to Heavenly Father as a family and it invites His spirit into our home.

Song: "Family Prayer" (Children's Songbook Pg.189) Click here to sing along. We did the actions below from the manual while we sang the song.

Let us gather in a circle (walk around in a circle)
And kneel in family prayer (stop walking and kneel; 
have the children repeat "family prayer" after you)
To thank our Heavenly Father (fold arms)
For the blessings we all share

Picture: I showed Easton the picture below from the manual of a family praying together. "Have the children identify the different members of the family, and point out that they are kneeling and that their arms are folded, their heads are bowed, and their eyes are close. Tell them that this family is having family prayer. Invite the children to say the words "family prayer". Invite them to kneel, fold their arms, and bow their heads. Explain that when we have family prayer, we talk to Heavenly Father. We thank Him for our blessings, and we ask Him to help and bless our family."

Finger Puppet Story: We colored the finger puppets below, cut them out and taped them to go around our fingers. We used the finger puppets to tell the story of the boy, Peter, and how his family prayed together for his eye to get better: "Here is a family. This is the father, and this is the mother. Here are the sister and brother. This is Peter, the little brother (point to the puppet of the baby). Onee day Peter was playing and hurt his eye (invite the children to cover their eye with their hand.) Father and Mother took him to see the doctor (take the puppet off the finger and lay it on the floor). Peter's family knelt in family prayer (invite the children to kneel). They asked Heavenly Father to bless Peter. Heavenly Father heard their prayer. He helped Peter get better (put the puppet back on the finger). Then PEter and his family had family prayer again to thank Heavenly Father for blessing Peter."

Personal Experience: I always like to include personal stories in FHE if applicable. There was a time Easton had a bad sliver in his foot and was so nervous about getting it out. We prayed together to get the sliver out quickly and Heavenly Father answered our prayer. I remind Easton of this story often to remind him that Heavenly Father helps us and listens to our prayers. 


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Halloween Books

My mom always had a small stack of books she would pull out of storage for each holiday. I loved this tradition! I bought a few of our first Halloween Books this year. I also rented a bunch from the library for a bigger selection. The pictures and descriptions below are from Amazon. Here are our favorites:

"Froggy tries to find just the right costume for Halloween and although his trick-or-treating does not go as he had planned, he manages to enjoy himself anyway."

Froggy's Halloween: For some reason, this book was Easton's VERY favorite this year. He loves the part where Froggy puts on his costume and says "Ta-da!" We read this book every day once, sometimes twice this month. Click HERE to purchase online.

"The witch and her cat are happily flying through the sky on a broomstick when the wind picks up and blows away the witch's hat, then her bow, and then her wand!  Luckily, three helpful animals find the missing items, and all they want in return is a ride on the broom.  But is there room on the broom for so many friends?  And when disaster strikes, will they be able to save the witch from a hungry dragon?"

Room on the Broom: Easton really liked this book and it was my very favorite of our selection. I wish I would have spent the extra money to get the hard cover. Click HERE to purchase online.

 "Ten ghosts, a witch, and a haunted house make this Halloween countdown a spooky treat!"

Ten Timid Ghosts: This book was my next favorite Halloween Book of our selection this year. I love the clever witch and the different ways she tries to scare the ghosts out. It's a good book to review numbers as well. Click HERE to purchase online.

"The littlest trick-or-treaters can lift the flaps to count their way through a spooky old house . . . but they had better be prepared for a few surprises! With a die-cut cover, adorable illustrations, and a flap on every page, this sturdy little board book is the perfect Halloween gift for trick-or-treaters everywhere."

One, Two, Boo!: Easton loves to open flap books, so this was a fun book for him. It also is a good book to review numbers. Click HERE to purchase this book online.

"What's the best way to help a skeleton get over his hiccups?"

Skeleton Hiccups: Easton really loved this book. It's short and kept his attention. After I read it to him, he wanted me to read it again and again. Click HERE to purchase this book online.

"This Halloween adaptation of the classic song "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" combines thrills, chills, and a familiar tune for children who like to be spooked-just a little. Flashlights in hand, the two brave kids in the story travel through a dark forest, a foggy swamp, and over a creaky bridge, until they arrive at an eerie old haunted house. But as soon as they spot the ghosts they're looking for, they turn and run, right back the way they came, until they're safe inside their cozy house."

We're going on a Ghost Hunt: Easton really loves the book "We're going on a Bear Hunt" so I knew he'd be excited about this one! After reading this book, I hid ghosts around the house and we went on a ghost hunt with flashlights to find them. Click HERE to purchase this book online.

"Filled with uproarious illustrations, a beloved classic gets a kindhearted send-up in this utterly monsterized parody from Michael Rex, creator of the New York Times bestselling Goodnight Goon. This is The Runaway Bunny like you've never seen it before. Kids will dig the vast array of terrible monsters, but parents will love the sweet sentiment. A fabulous Halloween treat for all those little monsters!"

The Runaway Mummy: This book is very similar to "Runaway Bunny". These types of books aren't my favorite, but Easton liked it and was entertained by the pictures. Click HERE to purchase this book online.

Halloween: Spiders

I attempted to make "spider pancakes" for breakfast this morning. Easton could tell they looked like spiders, so that's all that really matters, right? I love the whole wheat pancake mix we always have on hand. It's called Kodiak Cakes. I've seen the mix at local grocery stores, but I always buy ours at Costco. Easton loved them! See the bottom pictures to see what a squeeze bottle can do.

Spider Hats: Easton loved this hat! He wore it for a long time, including the time he jumped on his crib mattress while the spider legs bounced up and down. It's pretty self explanatory. I cut a black piece of card stock paper in half (hot dog) and stapled the ends together to make the center of the hat. (I stapled one end, measured Easton's head and then stapled the other end to make sure it was the correct size.) I cut another piece of paper into eight long strips and folded them accordion style. Then, Easton helped me glue on the legs and goggly eyes. Click here for a tutorial of the first cute picture below.

Easton's Hat

Spider Web Art Project: I found a similar idea HERE (see first picture below). I used white card stock paper and drew a spider web with a white crayon - I wish I would have made the spider web lines closer together. I know a lot of people used liquid water color for this project, but it's one of those things on my list of things to buy. We had blue Koolaid on hand, so I mixed a small amount in water and used it as our "water color". Easton dipped his brush in the Koolaid mixture and painted the white paper. He was so excited to see a "surprise spider web" as he painted. While the spider web dried, we made a handprint spider. I painted his hands (minus his thumbs) black and he stamped them on a piece of paper to make a spider. I cut out his handprint spider and glued it on his blue spider web.

    I like the dark colors of this web and how close together the web is!

Easton's Handprint Spider & Web


Spider Web Cupcakes: I made a box of Halloween themed "funfetti" cupcakes (from the grocery store) today and frosted them with a white almond frosting. My sister in law showed me a really neat web design she did on top of her cupcake frosting, so I decided to give it a try. I made a batch of blue frosting and place it in a small piping bag. I piped the blue frosting in a swirl on top of each cupcake. Then, I used a toothpick to make the web. I started with the toothpick in the middle of the cupcake and slid the toothpick toward the edge of the cupcake to make the lines in the web. To add a spooky touch, I placed a plastic spider on top of each cupcake. Excuse the flower plate for Halloween. Click HERE to see a similar tutorial online.


Love at Home (2): "Do we live at your house?"

This lesson mostly contains ideas from my favorite Family Home Evening blog, "The Golden Seven". Click the link to view the original lesson from the Golden Seven Blog.

For other Family Home Evening lessons, search our Family Home Evening Index


Song: "A Happy Family" (Primary Children's Songbook pg. 198) Click here to sing along. We used these actions found in the nursery manual:

I love mother; she loves me (place hand on chest)
We love daddy, yes sirree; (nod head up and down)
He loves us, and so you see (extend arms)
We are a happy family (hug self)

I love sister; she loves me (place hand on chest)
We love brother, yes sirree; (nod head up and down)
He loves us, and so you see (extend arms)
We are a happy family (hug self)

Pictures: First, I held up a picture of Jesus and His mom. I explained that Jesus was once a little boy that liked to run and play just like Easton. Heavenly Father blessed Jesus with a family to love, teach and care for Him. Next, I held a picture up of our wedding. I explained that dad and I love each other so much we decided to get married in the temple. By getting married in the temple, it means that our family can be together forever. I explained how happy I am to have Easton and Connor apart of our forever family. Next, I showed Easton a current picture of our little family (mom, dad, Easton and Connor). We discussed how happy it makes us and Heavenly Father when everyone is nice to each other. We can be nice by using nice words, sharing, listening to mom and dad, etc.


Story - "Do we live at your House?": I printed the story and visuals "Do We Live at your House?" from the Golden Seven Blog. The story comes with 11 fruits/vegetables each with a behavior description. I only used the fruits/vegetables with positive behaviors, because I thought this would be more appropriate for Easton (Always ready Apple, Caring Carrot, Sharing Celery, Cheery Cherry, Polite Potato and Tidy Tomato). I printed and cut out the positive behavior fruits/vegetables and put them in a brown paper sack. I had Easton draw a fruit/vegetable and I summarized the description (most of the descriptions are too long for a two year old) that went along it. For instance, when Easton drew the "Caring Carrot" I told him, "When his brother got hurt, he helped put a bandage on his brother's knee. He gives lots of loves and kisses. Caring Carrot makes everyone happy." Then, I asked Easton if Caring Carrot lived at our house? After each description, I would remind Easton of a time he was caring to our family.


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