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Letter K: KitchenCraft, Kitchen Pretend Play Ideas (Day 5)

1a) Kitchen Stamping Craft: Use different kitchen items to stamp on a piece of white paper. I think a whisk and spatula sound the most fun!

(picture to come)

1b) Spicy Letter K with Kitchen Spices: 
  • Draw a letter K with elmer's glue on a piece of paper
  • Let your child shake old kitchen spices onto his/her paper, making sure the K is covered
  • Shake the extra spices off into the trash, revealing a letter K
  • Praise and hang on the fridge. The one pictured below was done by my 19 mo. old

2) Make Kitchen Slime: Click the link to view the best slime recipe - from little bins for little hands. My three and 19 mo. old loved playing, stretching, cutting and blowing bubbles with the slime.

3) Kitchen Pretend Play Ideas: Although you don't need to go out and buy a play kitchen, I would highly recommend one as a birthday or Christmas present. My two has loved his KidKraft Play Kitchen we got him last summer. I found ours on KSL and the kitchen came with a bunch of pretend play items. Here's are some fun kitchen related ideas:

  • Ikea Pot & Pan Set: Our favorite way to play with these is with a box of noodles, bowls and stuffed animals. My two is the chef and prepares the noodles in his pot. He adds "water" and stirs them around. Once they're ready he scoops them into bowls for each of his stuffed animals to eat from. Afterward, he puts all the noodles back into his pot and does the same process over and over. 
  • Felt Sandwich Set: This week, I found a Sandwich Menu that goes along with this set. I marked which items I wanted in my sandwich and my two put together the sandwich for me. He used our Cash Register, so I could pay for my sandwich.

  • Pizza Set: My two loves this set. You can mix match different toppings with velcro. He especially enjoys making pizza for mom and his stuffed animals.
  • Cookie Set: Of all of our sets, this cookie set is my two's very favorite! We must have played for about two hours the first time I brought this cookie set out. You cut the cookies, cook them and can add frosting on top. Once again, my two loves making cookies for his stuffed animals.
  • Cutting Food Set: My sister has this set, and my two always LOVES playing with it at her house. He plays with it every time he's over there. It has great reviews and is a great start to cutting.
  • Ikea Vegetables and Fruits: We pretend play we're at a grocery store. I will fill a basket full of fruits/vegetables I want to buy and my two "scans" them and adds them up with our Cash Register. Afterward, he cooks the vegetables/fruits for me in his kitchen. Note: I wrote numbers on office stickers and placed them on the food. My two sees the number and pushes the matching number on the cash register.

  • Play Dough Cake: I printed the Play Dough Cake Mat and filled a muffin tin full of items to add to our cake: straws, pipe cleaners, goggly eyes, plastic letters, beads, craft sticks, buttons, toothpicks, etc. I laid out our play dough (cake) and my two went to town decorating his cake. I bought his chef hat and apron at the Dollar Store.

Tub Time Activities

I am so excited to share some really fun ideas to do in the Bath Tub! I'm looking forward to trying all of the following bath activities with my boys:

1) Glow Bath & Painting: This was one of the best activities we've ever done! I found this idea on Fun at home with Kids. Here's what you need:

Black Light
B Vitamin (makes the tub water glow)
Washable Fluorescent Paint
Shaving Cream (I bought ours from the Dollar Store)

1. Mix the contents of two B Vitamin capsules in a glass with 1 Cup of warm water. Stir it around until the vitamin dissolves. The water will look orangish-yellow. When you are ready, fill up the tub as normal and add the vitamin water. Mix it around until all the tub water is yellow.

2. In small bowls, Mix 1 Cup of shaving cream with 1 Tablespoon (or more depending on how bright you'd like the paint) of Fluorescent Paint. We used four bowls - each containing a cup of shaving cream and one color of paint. Mix until combined. Place a paint brush in each bowl.

3. Turn off the lights and turn on the black light. The water will glow yellow and the paint will glow its color! Bring the kids in!

2) Shaving Cream:  It doesn't get much easier than this! Buy a can of shaving cream at the Dollar Store and use it to play with in the tub. Add a paintbrush or play kitchen items (whisk, spatula, measuring cups, etc.) for more fun!

3) Colored Shaving Cream: Mix washable Liquid Water Colors and Shaving Cream together to make Colored Shaving Cream. Use a finger to finger paint or a paintbrush to paint the walls of the tub/shower. Bowls and measuring cups would be fun to add as well.

4) Alphabet Soup: I love themed tubs! Use play kitchen pots & pans, play kitchen items (whisk, spatula, funnel, measuring cups, bowls, spoons, etc.) and plastic letters (I bought ours at the Dollar Store) and make Alphabet Soup. I supervised my toddler and 8 month old in the alphabet tub and they were both in heaven! This is also a great letter review activity.

5) Dinosaur Bath Bombs from Fun at Home with Kids:

6) Watercolor Painting from Tinkerlab: Bring a set of watercolors and a paintbrush in the tub.

7) Spray Paint Bubble Bath from mamapapabubba:

8) Colored Ice Cube Bath from learnplayimagine: Use Liquid Water Colors to make colored ice cubes and play with them in the tub.

9) Birthday Bath - Balloons in the Tub from growing a jeweled rose:

10) Pool Noodle Play/Noodle Wall from the TheJennyEvolution:

11) Ocean Theme from growing a jeweled rose:

12) Glow Sticks/Glow Balloon Bath: Buy a set of glow sticks at the Dollar Store and use them in the bath! Easton and his cousins really enjoyed this (first picture)! I also like the idea from sayyes of putting glow sticks inside balloons for a sensory bath (second picture)!

13) Water Beads Bath: Water beads are amazing! We recently used them in a Rainforest Sensory Bin and Easton played with them for over two hours. It was me who ended the play, because we were way past our lunch and nap time. The beads are safe to play with, although they shouldn't be ingested. The beads start fairly small, but when placed in water, they expand 5-6 times their size. They're squishy, colorful and can bounce! Add them to a tub for a fun sensory activity! It would be fun to add bowls and play kitchen items (measuring spoons, measuring cups, funnels, etc.) as well.

14) Foam Bath Letters: I bought a set of Foam Bath Letters as an alphabet review while playing in the tub. I usually bring out 6-8 letters at a time, so it's not overwhelming. Add shaving cream to make this activity even more fun!

15) Polka Dot Bath: I found the picture below on Pinterest and wasn't able to be directed to the original blog post - it looks like the idea is from Play Create Explore. I found these pre-cut circle foam shapes on Amazon to use for a polka dot bath. It would be fun to use star foam shapes for a bath or these red, white and blue foam stars for a Fourth of July themed bath.

16) Colored Bath Tablets: This is another very simple idea and Easton LOVES the Colored Bath Tablets. When we have them, he is constantly requesting them. Once a tablet is in the water, it fizzes and turns the tub water its color. You can mix colors together to make other colors - blue and yellow will make green. Add plastic bowls/cups, water beads (mentioned above), foam bath letters (mentioned above), or toy animals to enhance this sensory activity!
17) Toy Animals Tub: Easton LOVES playing with plastic toy animals - especially in the tub. He loves watching them splash, swim, jump into the water, etc. Make any type of tub theme with ocean animalszoo animalsjungle animals, or whatever you have on hand. Easton would love this set of mom/dad and baby animals for the tub (see picture below)! 
18) Valentine's Tub: For our Valentine's Bath, I added a few squirts of red watercolors to make the water pink. I put white shaving cream in one bowl and pink shaving cream in another (white shaving cream mixed with a squirt of red watercolor). Easton started painting with shaving cream the second he got in the tub! We also used: foam hearts (stick to the side of the tub), a red strainer, large red bowl, red measuring cups and spoons, heart slinkies, and Valentine's cups - all from the Dollar Store. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Letter T: Alphabet Train, Songs, Handprint Art (turtle), Tornado in a Jar, Booklist

Alphabet Train: To review the alphabet as a whole, we put together a 10-foot Alphabet Train Puzzle. I put four or five puzzle pieces out at a time (for instance: A-E) and Easton helped me put them in the correct order. Easton loved looking at the animals on the train. After we finished putting the puzzle together, he walked over the entire train.
Alphabet: When we started doing a Letter of the Week, we started with the letters in Easton's name. He knows E, A, S, T, O, N, A, B, C and now D. To review these letters, I bought Letters and Numbers Bath Toys. I hid the letters in our living to room to begin. When he found a letter, I had him identify it. For the remainder of the week, I left the letters in the tub and Easton used them during his nightly bath. We spelled Easton's name on the wall and reviewed the other letters. He had a lot of fun!
Letter T Songs: Next, we learned four Letter T Songs, which we printed from the measured mom blog. There are six songs available and we chose four of our favorites: Teddy Bear, Turtle, Twinkle Twinkle, and Teapot. These were some of Easton's very favorite songs of the series. 

Handprint Art (turtle): I love these handprint activities! I couldn't choose which one to do, so we made a turtle and a tiger today. At the end of the series, I plan to put all of our Alphabet Handprint Art into a book. 

Letter T Booklist: I found our Letter T Booklist on the measured mom blog. I wasn't able to find a few of them at our library, but here are our favorites: Duck in the Truck; Big Truck and Little Truck; Trashy Town; Freight Train; It's a Tiger (one of our very favorites); Little Blue Truck (also one of our very favorites); and MORE.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Letter T - Turtles: Shape Craft, Paper Plate Turtles, Sizing, Numbers, Dot Page

Choose from a variety of turtle activities:

Turtle Shape Craft: I found this idea on the Letter T Crafts list on the measured mom blog. I taught Easton what a dome is (shell) and Easton identified the remaining shapes as we glued them on.

Paper Plate Turtles: We had extra time today, so we made two paper plate turtles. Turtle #1: Easton used Do-a-Dot Markers to stamp the dot colors on the first turtle shell. He loved stamping the colors together to make a new color - yellow and red make orange! I cut out the turtle head, arms, legs and tail from green construction paper which we glued onto the back of our paper plate. We topped it off with two goggly eyes. Turtle #2: Easton used different shades of green tissue paper for the second turtle shell. I put globs of glue on the plate and Easton chose which color of green to place on the shell. Again, I cut out the turtle head, arms, legs and tail from green construction paper which we glued onto the back of our paper plate. We topped it off with two goggly eyes. I also found a darling Turtle Egg Carton Craft.

Turtle Sizing: The remaining Turtle Activities I found and printed from Confessions of a Homeschooler. Easton put the turtles in order: small, medium and large.

Turtle Numbers: At this point in the series, Easton could only count and recognize numbers 1-3. (We started with his name, T being the fourth letter we learned). We counted the turtles together and Easton found the matching number:

Turtle Dot Page: We used our Power Magnets and magnetic cookie sheet to fill in the dots. We have also used Round Office Stickers and Do-a-Dot Markers to fill in the circles in similar previous activities.

Turtle Egg Sensory Bin: I can't believe how much Easton has LOVED playing with our Moldable Sand Kit from Lakeshore Learning. Today, we watched a Youtube Video of Turtles hatching in the sand. It gave me the idea of using marbles (eggs) and burying them in the sand as a turtle would. The fun part was finding the eggs after burying them. This simple idea turned into over an hour of play time. 

Reverence (1): "I Will be Reverent"

This lesson is based on the current nursery manual, Behold Your Little Ones. Click the link to view the original lesson, "I Will be Reverent" from

For other Family Home Evening lessons, search our Family Home Evening Index.


Song: "I Will Try to be Reverent" Children's Songbook page 28. Click here to sing along. We did the actions from the manual as we sang the song:

I love my Heavenly Father (put hands over heart)
And I will try to be (point to self)
Reverent when I'm in his house (put fingertips together to form a housetop)
Then he'll be near to me (hug self)

Picture: As suggested in the manual, we discussed how reverent the family is sitting in the picture below. "Tell the children that this family is at church and that they are being reverent. Invite the children to say "reverent". Explain that being reverent means quietly thinking about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Point out things that the family in the picture is doing to show that they are reverent. Draw particular attention to the children in the picture." We related how Easton could be reverent at church, just as the little boy is being reverent in the picture. Being reverent is a great way to show Heavenly Father and Jesus that we love them.

Mr. Potato Head Activity: Before our lesson, I filled a paper bag with Mr. Potato Head items - head, arms, eyes, ears, mouth and legs. Easton drew the items from the bag one at a time as we discussed how we could show reverence with that part of the body. Here's what we talked about:

Head - We show reverence by thinking about Jesus and Heavenly Father at church.
Arms - We show reverence by folding our arms and keeping our arms to ourselves.
Eyes - We show reverence by watching our teacher in nursery when he/she teaches us.
Ears - We show reverence by listening to talks and our teachers.
Mouth - We show reverence by using our quiet voice at church.
Legs - We show reverence by using our quiet feet at church.

Activity Verse: We went over this activity verse a few times as suggested in the manual:

Open, shut them (open and shut hands)
Open, shut them (open and shut hands)
Give a little clap (clap hands)
Open, shut them (open and shut hands)
Open, shut them (open and shut hands)
Lay them in your lap (hold hands together in lap)

Coloring Activity: We colored the Reverence Picture found in the manual lesson. I read the words next to the coloring page and reminded Easton how we can be reverent during prayers. We hung the colored Reverence Picture on our fridge as a reminder of our lesson this week. 

Testimony: As a part of my testimony, I complimented Easton on being reverent at church. I hold him examples of how he has shown reverence at church and how happy he makes Heavenly Father.

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The Sabbath Day

Monday, January 25, 2016

Teaching Toddlers the Alphabet

The majority of the activities below were apart of my two year old's "Letter of the Week" series. I've since added a few other ideas to make this into more of a themes page. We are just about to begin Alphabet Activities for Toddlers & Preschoolers. Click the link to follow along with us!

Letter A Booklist
Letter AAlphabet Puzzle, Letter A Book, Handprint Art (Apple), Letter A Songs
A is for AntsAnts Craft, Ant Color Match Puzzles, Ant Hunt, Ant Restaurant
A is for Airplanes: Craft Stick Airplane, Airplane Cloud Jumping, Airplanes in Clouds Sensory Bin
A is for ApplesHand & Q-Tip Apple Tree, Apple Sizes File Folder, Apple Shape Activity, Apple Orchard
A is for AlligatorsA is for Alligator Craft, Hatch Alligator Eggs

Letter BBear & Band Aid Letter Match, Letter B Book, Handprint Art (Bee), Letter B Music Time
B is for BearsBear Finger Painting, Bear Counter Activities
B is for Butterflies & BugsButterfly Craft, Butterfly Life Cycle Hat, Bug Hunt & Match, Paint Bug Rocks
B is for BirdsBird Craft, Bird Feathers Activity, DIY Bird Feeder, Bird Tot Tray
B is for Bubbles: Bubble Art, Bouncing Bubbles, Bubble Play Bin, Giant Bubbles

Letter CABC Cup Hunt, Letter C Book, Letter C Handprint Art (Crab), Letter C Music Time
C is for CoinsCoin Piggy Bank, Coin Activities, Pretend Play Grocery Store
C is for Cars: Car Painting, Rainbow Car Wash, License Plate Match, Quiet Time Car Activities
C is for Cookies: C is for Cookie Craft, Cookie Jar Number Match, Chocolate Chip Cookies 
C is for CloudsBlue Skies & White Clouds Painting, Cloud Shapes, Rain Clouds Science, Fizzing Cloud Dough

Letter DLetter Bath Toys, Songs, Handprint Art (Dinosaur), Booklist
D is for DucksTissue Paper Ducks, "Where's the Duck?", Duck Pond Pretend Play, Feed the Ducks
D is for DogsD is for dog craft, Bean Bag Dog Activities, Feed the Dog, Dog Bone Cookies, Visit Dogs at the Pet Store
D is for Dinosaurs (1): Dinosaur Stamps, Mini Dino Counter Activities, Homemade Dinosaur Fossils, Magic Dinosaur Eggs & Hunt
D is for Dinosaurs (2)Dinosaur Craft, Dinosaur Color Match & Counting Cards, Dinosaur Dig Excavation

Letter EAlphabet Egg Hunt, Letter E Book, Handprint Art (Elephant), Letter E Music Time
E is for ElephantsElephants: Sponge Painting, Size Ordering, Numbers, Sensory Elephant Toothpaste
E is for Envelopes: E is for Envelope, Envelope Sorting, Letter to the Mailman, Letter E Pattern Block
E is for Earth: Earth Craft, Earth Balloon Stamping, Earth Cupcakes, Earth Nature Hunt
E is for Eggs: Egg Stamping, Oviparous Egg Hunt, Egg Wiggle Game, Egg Counting Mats 

Letter F Rescue the Alphabet, Letter F Book, Letter F Handprint Art (flamingo), Letter F Music Time
F is for FishFishbowl Craft, Fishy Window Scene, Fish Learning Activities, Fishing at Home
F is for FarmFarm Magnet Play, Farm Animals & Their Byproduct, A Day on the Farm Stations
F is for FrogF is for Frog, Frog Shape Clip Cards, Feed the Frog, Hatch a Frog Egg
F is for Fire TrucksFiretruck Shape Craft, Firefighter Tot Pack, Put out the Fire!, Visit a Fire Station 

Letter G : Planting a Flower Garden, Letter G Book, Letter G Handprint Art (giraffe), Letter G Music Time
G is for Goats: G is for Goat Craft, Billy Goats Gruff Magnetic Story, Help the Goat Shape Review
G is for Garden: G is for Garden Craft, Grow Grass/Flower Seeds, Build a Photo Garden, Garden Sensory Bin
G is for Giraffe: G is for Giraffe Craft, Giraffe Salt Painting, Giraffe Spots Number & Color Review
G is for Garbage Trucks: G is for Garbage Truck Pack, Garbage Stamping, Garbage Shape Throw, Garbage Truck Math, Garbage Windsock

Letter H : Ball in the Hole Alphabet Game, Letter H Book, Letter H Handprint Art (Hen), Letter H Music Time
H is for HipposHippos Craft, Hippo Activities - Size Order, Push Pin Hippo, Floor Numbers, Color Matching 
H is for Hearts: Heart Stamping, Tie Dye Hearts, Heart Number Match, Bubbling Hearts 
H is for HouseShapes Home Craft, Animal Home Matching, Shaving Cream Block House
H is for Humpty Dumpty: Build Humpty's Wall, H is for Humpty Dumpty, Humpty Craft & Fall Activity, Humpty's Colored Hats

Letter I: Wiggle Inchworms Alphabet Review, Letter I Book, Letter I Handprint Art (Ice Cream), Letter I Music Time 
I is for InsectsInsect Collage, Insect Hunt, Insect Action Cards, Icy Insect Eggs
I is for InchwormsInchworm Craft, Inchworm Home, Inchworm: Size Order, Color Match, Counting Activity
I is for IcePainting with Ice, Ice Color Mixing, Building Ice Shapes, Ice Block Sliding
I is for Ice CreamIce Cream Craft, Ice Cream File Colder Options, Ice Cream Parlor Pretend Play, Ice Cream Play Dough

Letter J Letters in a Jug Alphabet Match, Letter J Book, Letter J Handprint Art (Jelly Fish), Letter J Music Time
J is for Jelly BeansJ is for Jelly Bean, Jelly Bean Painting, Jelly Beans: Size Order, Colors, Numbers, Shapes
J is for JewelsJ is for Jewels Craft, Fruit Loop Jewelry, Jewels & Jello Excavation
J is for Jelly Fish: Letter J Jelly Fish Hunt, Jellyfish Craft, Pet Jelly Fish, Visit the Jelly Fish at an Aquarium
J is for JarsJar Stamping, Bugs in a Jar, Jar Manipulatives, Tornado in a Jar

Letter K Alphabet Soup Kitchen, Letter K Book, Letter K Handprint Art (kite), Letter K Music Time
K is for Kool AidMagic K Kool Aid Painting, Amazing Kool Aid Activities
K is for KangarooKangaroo Craft, Kangaroo Pouch Hunt, Kangaroo Matching Game, Kangaroo Educational Show
K is for KitesKites Craft, Kite Activities: Sizing, Number Clip Cards, Patterns. Fly a Kite.
K is for KitchenKitchen Stamping Craft, Kitchen Pretend Play Activities

Letter LLeapfrog Letter Alphabet Review, Letter L Book, Letter L Handprint Art (lobster), Letter L Music Time
L is for LettersL is for Letters Craft, Letters Hunt, Letters Sensory Bin
L is for LambLamb Craft, Guess the Color Lamb Poem, Color the Lamb
L is for LadybugsLadybug Paper Plate Craft, Ladybugs: Shape Puzzles, Number Clip Cards. Ladybug Lunch.
L is for LionLion Craft, Feed the Lion

Letter M: Jug Letter Match, Letter M Book, Letter M Handprint Art (monkey), Letter M Music Time
M is for MailMake a Mailbox, Mail Letter Hunt, Mail Sorting
M is for MonstersMonster Counting Book, Splat Monsters, Monster Lunch, Silly Faces Monsters, Play Dough Monsters
M is for MagnetsMagnetic Painting, Magnetic Number Booklet, Shape Pattern Blocks, Is it Magnetic?, Magnetic Sensory Bin
M is for MarshmallowM is for Marshmallow, Marshmallow Numbers, Marshmallow Shooters

*I'm working on updating the remaining letters:

Letter N (Day 1): Nail the Letter, Letter N Songs, Letter N Handprint Art (Nest), Numbers Booklet, Letter N Booklist
Letter N (Day 2)Nest: Craft, Pretend Play, Feed the Birds. Nature Scavenger Hunt
Letter N (Day 4)Noodles: Noodle Painting, Shapes, Sensory Bin, Play Dough
Letter N (Day 5)Nuts: Craft, Sorting, Feed the Squirrel, Fall Math Game

Letter O (Day 3)Ocean: Crafts, Habitat Sticker Page, Ocean in a Bottle, Sensory Bin
Letter O (Day 4): Owls: Crafts, Shapes, Opposites
Letter O (Day 5)Orange Stamping, Lid Prints, Obstacle Course  

Letter P (Day 1)Parking Garage, Letter P Songs, Letter P Handprint Art (Peacock), Letter P Booklist
Letter P (Day 3)Penguins: Craft, Stacker, Song
Letter P (Day 4): Pigs: 3 Little Pigs Magnetic Story, Craft. Potato Stamping
Letter P (Day 5)Porcupine Craft, Pom Poms: Painting, Color Sorting. Patterns, Pouring, Play Dough

Letter Q (Day 1)Alphabet Squish, Letter Q Songs, Letter Q Handprint Art (Queen), Letter R Booklist
Letter Q (Day 2): Letter Q: Pictures, Puzzles. Q-tip Painting
Letter Q (Day 3)Queen: Numbers, Craft
Letter Q (Day 4):Q Letter Hunt, Quail: Craft, Dot Page
Letter Q (Day 5): Quilt: Craft, Fruit Loop Quilt

Letter R (Day 1): Letter Match, Letter R Songs, Letter R Handprint Art (Rabbit). Rainbow Car Wash, Letter R Booklist
Letter R (Day 2): Robots: Craft, Tinker Tray. Numbers Book
Letter R (Day 3): Rockets: Name Rocket Craft, Magnetic Shapes, Balloon Rockets
Letter R (Day 4): Rainbows: Craft, Numbers, Rainbow Milk
Letter R (Day 5): Rainbows: Salt Painting. Rainforest: Habitat Sticker Book, Water Bead Sensory Bin

Letter S (Day 1): Alphabet Review - Feed the Shark; Letter S Songs; Letter S Handprint Art (spider); Slime Sensory Activity; Booklist
Letter S (Day 2): Sharks: Marbled Shark Craft; Shark/Shaving Cream Sensory Bin; Shark Matching, Numbering & Sizing Activities
Letter S (Day 3): Snails: Snail Sun Cather Craft; Snail Finger Painting Craft; Spice Painting Craft; Sizing Activities
Letter S (Day 4): Snakes: Letter S Snake Craft; Lego Stamp/Paper Plate Snake; Snake Bubbles
Letter S (Day 5): Starfish: Puffy Paint Starfish; Cheerio Starfish Craft; Star Stamping; Moldable Sand Sensory Bin

Letter T (Day 1): Alphabet Train; Letter T Songs; Letter T Handprint Art (Turtle, Tiger); Tornado in a jar; Booklist
Letter T (Day 2): Turtles: Shape Craft; Paper Plate Turtles; Sizing, Numbers, Dot Page. Turtle Eggs Sensory Bin
Letter T (Day 3): Teeth: Toothbrush Painting; Teeth Sensory Bin; Teeth Play Dough Kit
Letter T (Day 4): Trains: Train Crafts; Train Pretend Play; Trains/Towers Peg Board
Letter T (Day 5): Traffic Light Craft. Trucks: Monster Truck Foil Painting; Truck Sensory Bin; Truck Floor Play; Numbers; Patterns
Supplementary Ideas: Tub Activities

Letter U (Day 1): Flashlight Letter Hunt; Letter U Songs; Letter U Handprint Art (unicorn); Letter U Craft; Letter U Booklist
Letter U (Day 2): Unicorn Craft; Unifex Cube Math Activities
Letter U (Day 3): Up: Balloon Science; Movie; Craft
Letter U (Day 4): Umbrellas: Craft; Book Pretend Play; Shape Puzzles; Size Ordering; Floor Numbers
Letter U (Day 5): Underground: Craft, Sensory Play

Letter V (Day 1): Vegetable Letter Garden; Letter V Songs; Handprint Art (Vulture); Letter V Booklist
Letter V (Day 2): Vases: Craft; Water the Flowers (Shape Activity); Dyeing Flower Experiment
Letter V (Day 3): Vegetables: Craft; Vegetable Printing; Pretend Play with Vegetables (Numbers Activity)
Letter V (Day 4): Volcanoes: Video; Craft; Volcano Sensory Bin
Letter V (Day 5): Letter V Craft; Veterinarian Pretend Play

Letter W (Day 1): Watercolor Alphabet; Letter W Songs; Handprint Art (Whale); Window Markers; Letter W Booklist
Letter W (Day 2): Worms: Worm Painting, Growing Worms, Sensory Bin
Letter W (Day 3): Watermelon: Craft, File Folder, Watermelon Cloud Dough
Letter W (Day 4): Water: Waterfall Painting, Water Balloon Shapes/Baseball; Water Wall 
Letter W (Day 5): Water Beads: Craft, Sensory Play, Sensory Bottle

Letter Y: Yes! Alphabet Review, Letter Y Book, Letter Y Handprint Art (Yak), Letter Y Music Time.
Y is for Yoyo: Yoyo Craft, Yoyo Numbers, Water Balloon Yoyo
Y is for Yak & Yuck: Y is for Yak, Yuck! Sensory Play
Y is for Yellow: Yellow Paint Rolling, Yellow Pom Pom Numbers, Yellow Water Balloon Play 
Y is for Yarn: Yarn Painting, Sticky Wall Yarn Shapes

Letter Z:
Z is for Zebra:
Z is for Zipper
Z is for Zoo