Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Week 27: Honesty

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Opening Activity - Brown E's. Print some brown letter E's, put them on a plate and cover them in tin foil. Tell your kids you made brownies and offer them some. Obviously, kids are going to be so excited about brownies! Peel back the tin foil and pass them a Brown E. Talk about honesty and how it felt when mom "wasn't honest."

To help little children understand truth and lies, offer some examples. "The sky is red." "We have a dog." "I sleep on my head." When it's a lie, have them hold up the Brown E. There are lots of examples in my PDF. My kids thought it was hilarious when I said, "I sleep on my head," and then they acted it out laughing so hard.

Scripture & Picture. Story of Ananias and Sapphira. Summary included in the PDF.

Honesty Board Game. Relate honesty to your children's lives while playing an honesty board game. Give markers or coins to each person and roll a die to move. If you land on a money spot - draw a card, answer a scenario on how to be honest and earn a blessing buck. Whoever has the most blessing bucks at the end of the game wins.

Testimony: Share an example of honest in your own life and the importance of being important.

Treat: Brownies. If you want a good recipe, try this one from Cafe Delights!

Friday, July 5, 2019

Week 27: Church Leaders

The PDF includes a detailed lesson plan. This post is just a quick summary with pictures. 

Scripture & Picture. Acts 1:1-11. The apostles led the church after Jesus was resurrected. Jesus stayed with His apostles for 40 days and taught them many things about His church. He asked His apostles to teach the gospel to all people. Peter was the president of the church on earth and James and John were his counselors. They healed the sick, they were missionaries, they taught about Jesus and His gospel. Many people believed the apostles words and joined the church.

Church Organization. The organization of the church today is the same as Jesus organized after he died. There is a president (Peter - President Nelson), two counselors (James & John - Elder Oaks & Eyring) and 12 apostles. Show the pictures included in the PDF.

Memory. Play memory as a family. When a match is chosen, you can find the same person on the pictures of the church organization. Also, teach your children an interesting fact about each person as a match is drawn.

He Lives: Testimonies of Jesus Christ. Watch this short video of the prophet/apostles testifying of Jesus. Just as Peter and the apostles testified of Christ, the prophet and apostles testify of Jesus today.



Week 25: Forgiveness

The PDF includes a detailed lesson plan. This post is just a quick summary with pictures. 

Scripture & Picture: Tell the story of Jesus forgiving those that hurt Him on the cross. Talk about what it means to forgive - when someone hurts us, we don't stay mad at them. It doesn't mean that what someone did to us is okay, but we are able to let go of the anger inside of us and feel peace.

Forgiveness Scenarios: Go through various forgiveness scenario cards and help children understand how actions make people feel and how we can say sorry and forgive others. Relate these examples to their lives and how they can forgive others.