Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Saint Patrick's Day 2017

Last year we spent an entire week celebrating Saint Patrick's Day! We did green food each morning, and a themed craft and activity each day. My two year old especially enjoyed hunting for these erupting MAGIC leprechaun rocks, going on an alphabet coin hunt and painting with frozen shamrocks (you can view these activities by clicking on the green link above). I wish I had planned more in advance this year, because there are so many fun Saint Patrick's Day activities to do. With all that said, we had a great Saint Patrick's Day morning this year!

As I was getting things ready downstairs, I heard my three wake up and very enthusiastically yell, "It's Saint Patrick's Day!" My husband was luckily home and could distract him while I got the rest of our activities ready. When the kids came downstairs our leprechaun had made a big mess with our stuffed animals. They were all over the floor. Hidden in the stuffed animals were gold chocolate coins and a clue to our scavenger hunt.

Scavenger Hunt: After finding the first clue, we started our hunt. I printed these Saint Patrick's Day Clues that are already DONE for you. How nice is that!? We followed the clues to the fridge (where our leprechaun made our milk green - my three was SO excited when he saw our green milk!), to a shoe, to the door and finally to a bedroom where our leprechaun left a pot of gold. Our pot was filled with more chocolate coins, Saint Patrick's Day books and Dollar Tree items - green glasses, themed tattoos, etc.

Bubbling Pots: After our scavenger hunt, we went back downstairs and made green crepes - I used our green milk and added a little extra food coloring to our favorite crepe recipe. After breakfast we played with these Bubbling Pots. My boys (ages 3 & 1) loved watching the pots bubble. Each pot bubbled a different color, so that really added to the fun. You can find a tutorial by clicking "Bubbling Pots" above. 

Evening Saint Patrick's Day Party: We had fun reading our books and putting a shamrock tattoo on our hands. After getting dressed in the only green shirts we had, we went to the zoo for the day. That evening we went to a Saint Patrick's Day party thrown by our good family friends. They had green food (of course!) and a gold coin hunt for the kids. We played pin the hat on the leprechaun and gave the shamrock pinata a good hit. Afterward the adults played bingo for prizes. Such a fun evening!