Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Letter B: Bear & Band Aid Letter Match, Letter B Book, Alphabet Handprint Art (Bee), Letter B Songs (Day 1)

1) Read 1-3 Books from the Letter B Booklist.

2) Band Aid Letter Matching Game from Tot Schooling: My two loves pretending to be a doctor, so he especially loved being able to put bandaids (office stickers) on a hurt bear. This is a matching game, so children can match letters without actually knowing the letter yet. The bear pictured below has letters A-K, so I wrote letters A-K on the office stickers for my two to match.

3) Read The Letter B Book from The Measured Mom: My two loves these little books and enjoys going through them together. I love the Letter B on each page with a simple picture. There are eight pages to these books. Click the link to print.

4) Make an Alphabet Handprint Art (Bee): I painted my two's entire hand yellow and then painted black stripes. I helped him stamp his hand on a piece of white paper and the result turned out really neat! Once the paint dried, I drew the wings and stinger with a black permanent marker. As a reminder, I'm saving all of our alphabet handprint art projects and compiling them into a book at the end of the series.

Letter B Songs & Rhymes: Last year, we went through the Letter B Songs & Rhymes booklet from The Measured Mom. We especially loved Here is the Beehive, Baa Baa Black Sheep, BINGO and Rockabye Baby. Click here to view a new and interactive Letter B Songs & Rhymes series with sound, actions and props.