Friday, November 6, 2015

Halloween: Pumpkins

Tissue Paper Pumpkin: I saw this idea on Pinterest and knew we had to do it! Easton only put on about 10 pieces of tissue paper before he was done. I couldn't help it and had to finish the art project myself. We taped the finished project on a window and it looked really neat when the sun was out. Click here for a tutorial.

Counting with Pumpkin Seeds: I thought this was such a cute idea. We carved a pumpkin and saved some of the seeds to do this activity. For some of the bigger numbers, I gave Easton a chocolate chip to finish them. Click here to print this activity.


Foam Pumpkin Decorating: I found a foam decorating kit from the Dollar Store. It came with foam pieces to decorate four pumpkins (skeleton, frankenstein, jack-o-lantern, mummy).


                                   I drew a pumpkin on paper and we
                                    used Dot Markers along with foam pieces
                                  to decorate this paper pumpkin.
I drew a pumpkin on paper and we
used crayons along with foam
pieces to decorate this paper pumpkin.

Pumpkin Stickers: I also bought these Pumpkin Stickers from the Dollar Store. This was a simple activity. I let Easton peel the stickers off himself and stick them where he wanted.

"Pumpkin Push-ins": This activity reminds me of Mr. Potato Head. The pieces come with a short stick on the back of them. They aren't sharp, but still able to protrude through the pumpkin. I helped a lot with this activity, but Easton enjoyed doing it with me. I'm actually saving the pieces for next year. Buy a similar kit by clicking here.

Puzzle Piece Pumpkins: We actually ran out of time to do these, but I thought they looked really fun. Click here to print.