Monday, November 16, 2015

Thanksgiving Theme (Day 3)

Turkey Letter Match: Easton is working on only uppercase letters right now. I put together this darling Turkey File Folder I found from a Thanksgiving Totpack. It's great for letter recognition, letter sounds and matching. I had Easton draw a turkey alphabet card, identify the letter and tell me the letter sound. Then, he matched the letter in the file folder. I wasn't able to get the turkeys to fit in the middle of the folder, so I used the back as well. Click here to print the file folder from a Thanksgiving Totpack.

Color the Turkey: We need to buy crayons that show up better! This was a simple activity and fun way to review colors. Click here to find this printable in a Thanksgiving Totpack.

Feed the Turkey: Easton loved "feeding the turkey"! I glued the turkey sheet onto a gift box and cut a large slit in the turkeys tummy. I hid the picture cards around the room and when Easton found one, we would identify what it was and "feed" it to our turkey. This was one of Easton's favorite Thanksgiving activities so far. Click here to print the picture cards and turkey.

Thanksgiving Clip Cards: We didn't end up having time to do these clip cards, but I thought they were a really cute idea for Thanksgiving. These cards work on numbers 1-9. Click here to print the Thanksgiving Clip Cards.

Lego Stamp Indian Corn: We dipped legos in yellow, red and brown tempera paint and stamped them on a white piece of card stock. Easton loved stamping his legos. After the paint dried, I cut out two ovals shapes for the corn and we glued on husks. Click here for the original tutorial. (second picture below).