Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Letter A: A is for Ants Craft, Ant Color & Sizing, Ant Hunt, Any Restaurant, Ant Sensory Bin

1) Read Books (especially the ones about Ants) from the Letter A Booklist.

2) A is for Ants Craft: I really enjoy doing crafts that include the letter we're learning during the week! Ours is adapted from an ant craft on Classified Mom.
  • Use toddler safe scissors to cut small slits into green construction paper, as the grass. 
  • Glue the grass and Letter A onto your paper.
  • Use fingerprints of three black office stickers to create your ants. NOTE: If your toddler needs help knowing where to put the stickers, draw little dots with pencil as a guide for him/her to put the stickers.
  • Help your toddler draw legs and antennas on the ants.

3) Ant Colors & Sizing from Confessions of a Homeschooler: Draw an ant from a brown paper bag and talk about the color. Compare two ants - small and big. Compare three ants - small, medium and big. Help your child (if needed) put them into order from smallest to biggest.

4) Go on an Ant Hunt from Preschool Alphabet: Give your toddler a magnifying glass and go on an ant hunt! You may find a lot of other bugs along the way. Make the time to explore and don't feel rushed. If the weather isn't in your favor, you could hide plastic ants or paper ants around the house to find.

5) Make an Ant Restaurant from Preschool Alphabet: My boys (3, 1) loved picking out items they thought the ants would enjoy eating. 
  • Choose 5-6 items in your pantry or fridge that you think ants would like. Ask your toddler which one you think will be the ants' favorite. 
  • Put a small amount of each item on a paper plate (help toddler write the Letter A in the middle of the plate) and leave it outside for a few hours. 
  • Check on it throughout the day and observe which food item the ants like the best!

6) Put together an Ant Themed Sensory Bin: My boys (3, 1) both love sensory activities. It's usually their favorite learning activity of the week. Today we played with plastic ants, oatmeal, ant hills (toilet paper rolls) and a magnifying glass. Don't forget to bring out play kitchen items (spoons, cups, whisks, funnels, etc.) for more fun.