Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Letter D: Dog Craft, Bean Bag Dog Activities, Feed the Dog, Dog Bone Cookies, Visit Dogs at Pet Store (Day 3)

1) D is for Dog from Miss Maren's Monkeys: I love crafts that include the letter we're working on during the week. Click the title "D is for dog" to print a free template.
  • Talk about a few shapes as you go (eyes - circle, nose - triangle, snout - heart, tongue - oval) 

2) Bean Bag Dog Activities: We are going to use a Bean Bag Dog for these activities.
  • Pass the bean bag back and forth as you count aloud 1-10. 
  • Balance the bean bag on your head, arm, back, etc. and go across a tape line. 
  • Hide the bean bag around the room and find it.
  • Use Hula Hoops - have children throw bean bag in or through a hula hoop. See how far or how high you can place the hula hoop. 
  • Maze - Help the dog bean bag make it to his friend. Take the bean bag up a slide, through a tunnel, under a table, over an ottoman and shoot it into a basketball hoop to his friend.
  • Tape shape printouts on the stairs and see if your child can throw the bean bag to each of the shapes. Talk about each of the shapes as you play.
  • Bean Bag Music Freeze - Have your child dance with the bean bag and when the music stops, your child has to freeze. Play a dog song while doing this activity. 
(picture to come)

3) Feed the Dog:

  • Feed the Dog from Preschool Alphabet: Draw a dog face onto a brown paper bag. Where the mouth goes, cut a large hole for children to insert dog bones. Click the title "feed the dog" to print a set of bones (first picture). You can draw letters, numbers or shapes on the bones. 
  • Buy Hungry Dog and practice fine motor skills while feeding the dog (second picture).
  • Feed the Dog from Dirt and Boogers: Click the link for a tutorial. Third picture.

4) Dog Bone Cookies: Easton loved making these together! You'll need:

  • Sugar Cookie Dough - you can make your own recipe or buy pre-made dough at the grocery store. I had to add quite a bit of flour to ours, so it wouldn't stick to the table.
  • Frosting (also store bought)
  • Sprinkles
  • Bone Cookie Cutters

5) Visit the Pet Store and say hello to the dogs.