Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Letter A: Alphabet Puzzle, Letter A Book, Letter A Handprint Art (Apple), Letter A Songs & Rhymes

1) Read books from the Letter A Booklist: My two and I have always loved reading together. As we read our books, I always point out the "Letter A" in the title and have him identify the letter if he can. We often find ways to laugh together while reading and talk about the books during the week. If your toddler doesn't like to sit still during books (like my baby!), try reading to him/her at mealtimes.

2) Alphabet Puzzle: Each week we like to do an activity to see the alphabet as a whole. This week we did one of our favorite alphabet puzzles. I've seen foam alphabet puzzles at the Dollar Store, if you're interested in a less expensive one.

3) Read The Letter A Book from The Measured Mom: We have really enjoyed reading these short letter books! It's simply eight or so pictures of things that start with letter A. I like the simple pictures, learning new vocabulary and the big Letter A on every page. As we read, I would constantly ask my two, "Which letter is this?" while pointing to the Letter A. This book is a great introduction to the Letter A. Click the title "Letter A Book" to print.

4) Make Letter A Handprint Art (Apple): I love any kind of project involving my two's handprint! I am saving each of these and compiling them into an Alphabet Handprint Art Book at the end of the series. I'll most likely put them in a three ring binder in sheet protectors. Here's what you need:
  • White Paper - card stock is best
  • Black Marker (to write a Letter A)
  • Washable Kid's Paint - Red, Green & Brown
  • Paintbrush
  1. Draw a big Letter A at the top of your piece of paper. 
  2. Paint your child's hand red and help him/her stamp it onto the middle of your paper. 
  3. Paint on the stem and leaf of the apple with the backside of the paintbrush. 
  4. Hang on fridge to look at during the week. Have your child identify letter as you walk by and compliment him/her on their artwork.

5) Letter A Songs: Last year, my two and I learned Letter A Songs & Rhymes from The Measured Mom (you can print them from the link). We learned new songs at the beginning of each week, so we had the rest of the week to sing and review them. Our favorite place to sing these songs in the car! My two loves watching the songs on Youtube, and he is a great visual learner.

This year, I have a three and one year old. Instead of only reading the songs and rhymes, I'm putting together 3-5 songs/rhymes for them to learn each week that include movement, props and/or sound. Click the link to view my Letter A Songs & Rhymes.