Sunday, May 26, 2019

Week 21: My Body is a Temple

Morning Meeting (Matthew 21:12-13 "Jesus Cleanses the Temple"). Read the verses together while showing the picture. Add any additional information you'd like. I had to research this story a little bit to understand it better. Basically, people from all over came to Jerusalem for the Passover. They needed a lamb/goat to sacrifice and a lot of people would plan to buy them in Jerusalem, because of the long journey. The "thieves" as Jesus calls them knew this and exchanged money in the temple for an unfair rate and sold the lambs and goats for much more than what was fair. It was dishonest. The temple is meant to be reverent and a house of prayer. Jesus made the "thieves" leave. 

Family Home Evening:

1) Tell dad about our morning meeting.

2) Taking Care of Things. My boys loved this. We went through the examples (the "taken care of" picture first, followed by the "not taken care of" picture) and talked a lot about details. Would you go to the bathroom here? What do you think makes her teeth so nice and clean? How does it make you feel when... Taking care of ourselves takes time and effort.

3) Temple Pictures. We talked about how clean and taken care of the temples look. We talked about the differences in the three temples (the shape, the spires, etc). Jesus teaches us that our bodies are temples - the place our spirit dwells. Just as temples are clean, taken care of, and look different - so do our bodies. It is our job to take care of them. Here's how...

4) Mr. Potato Head Game. For this game, I placed each body part and matching card(s) in a ziplock bag (ie. teeth went in the same bag as the toothbrush card and eating healthy card). I put all the ziplock bags into a brown paper sack. My boys took turns drawing a ziplock bag. We talked about the card(s) and my boys added the body part onto Mr. Potato Head. 

5) Bear Testimony and re-state principles learned during the lesson. We always have a treat as well. 

Friday, May 17, 2019

Week 20: Marriage

Morning Meeting: None.

Family Home Evening:

1) Mark 10:6-8. Read the verses about marriage in the scriptures and talk about WHY we are married in the temple. (It's a commandment, it shows our love and obedience to Heavenly Father, it's necessary to obtain the highest level in the Celestial Kingdom, we make covenants, we're sealed and live as a family forever). Show your children a picture of a sealing room (found in PDF).

2) Show your children pictures and talk about memories of your wedding day and temple marriage. Explain why you chose to be married in the temple and how it has blessed you.

3) Activity Options:

  • Play Families are Forever (to the tune of the Farmer in the Dell) from Natalie's FHE Spot. You can print a picture of the Salt Lake Temple in my PDF. 

In a circle or line sing:
(Daddy stands in the middle with picture of temple) Fam'lies are forever, Fam'lies are forever, hi-ho the temple-o, Fam'lies are forever
(Daddy takes Mommy’s hand) The husband takes a wife, the husband takes a wife, hi-ho the marry-o the husband takes a wife.
(Parents take child’s hand) Then they have a child, then they have a child, hi- ho A fam’ly-o, then they have a child.
(Parents take next child’s hand) And baby makes four, and baby makes four, hi-ho A fam'ly-o, and baby makes four.
  • Temple Memory found in my PDF.

  • Temple Bingo found in my PDF
  • Build a temple with blocks from Natalie's FHE Spot. Pretend that stuffed animals or action figures are going to get married there.
  • My Family Can Be Together Forever Puzzle OR Families are Forever Roll & Cover Game from A Cozy Red Cottage. Hide the pieces around the room for you children to find.
  • I Spy Temple Game from Tee Pee Girl. Click the link and you have to enter your email to get the free printable.

Week 19: The Ten Lepers (gratitude)

Print Here: Ten Lepers PDF

Morning Meeting (Luke 17:11-19 "The Ten Lepers") Hold up the picture below (included in PDF - link at the bottom of the post) and either read the verses from the scriptures or read the summary included. You can use double sided printing to print the summary on the back of the picture. Talk about the importance of saying "Thank You." Another option would be to watch the video from

Family Home Evening:

1) Tell dad about our morning meeting.

2) M&M Gratitude Game. We did this activity back in January, and my boys loved it so much we are going to do it again. Show them the M&M Gratitude Printable (included in PDF). Gather a bunch of mini red m&ms in your hand and go around in a circle each saying a PERSON you're grateful for. You can go around the circle once, twice or more. For each person they name, they get a red m&m. Continue for the remaining colors. I love hearing my children's answers.

3) Thank You Cards. My parents spoiled us last week and took us to Cabo. I thought it would be a perfect time to write them a THANK YOU card and mail it to them this week. You could also write a letter to a friend, teacher, sibling, bishop, etc. Decorate them with stickers, any type or marker, stamps, paint or whatever you have on hand.

4) Treat. Use up your mini m&ms and make these Chewy Oatmeal M&M Cookies. My kids loved helping me make these! And eating them. :) Here's another recipe (Monster Power Balls) that look really yummy. We've tried a similar version with only chocolate chips and really love them.

Photo Credit: Sally's Baking Addiction
Photo Credit: Together as a Family

Print Here: Ten Lepers PDF

Friday, May 3, 2019

Week 18: Jesus Heals a Blind Man

Morning Meeting (John 9). I think the Bible Videos on are so powerful. For younger children, you could even watch the first half of Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind (until the man receives his sight). I've also included a very simple version of the story you can print in my PDF.

Family Home Evening:

1) Tell dad about our morning meeting.

2) Blind Fold Game. Wrap a blind fold over your children's eyes and have them try to walk to different places. Focus on how hard it would be to not be able to see. Ask them if they would like to be blind. 

Picture found on Google
3) Spirit Eyes Object Lesson. Jesus often relates things from our physical bodies to teach us something about our spiritual bodies. You can either buy brown play dough (most likely at the Dollar Store) or make this AMAZING, easy, super soft home-made version. All you need is flour, salt, cocoa powder, cream of tartar, oil and water. Recipe and instructions are found in my PDF. 

4) Treat - Mud Brownies. I am a food lover, and I can honestly say these brownies are one of the best things I've ever eaten in my entire life. The top layer is crunchy and the middle is gooey, chocolatey, and melty in your mouth. Try them. 

Print for Free:

Other Ideas:
  • Toddlers can learn from the story that just as Jesus blessed the blind man, Jesus blesses us. Talk about various blessings and color this coloring page (from The Cozy Red Cottage).